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2012 Tesla S Signature Performance.

Other Benefits:

We designed our Solar System to power 4 electric vehicles: 2 Teslas and 2 Chevy Volts. We currently have 6 Megawatts "in the bank" at PSNH. We have it in the bank because we have used 6 Megawatts of free charging at Chargepoint EV Charging Station at Logan Airport and Prudential Center.

Maintenance Requirements:

Minimal yearly maintenance

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

No gas motor. 300 miles on a charge. Zero to the speed limit in 2 seconds. Can be fully charged with your home solar system with as little as 2 pallets of solar panels (about $10,000 worth of panels, which you will be getting back in Rebates). Hundreds of FREE charging stations (for now anyway).

My Motivation:

1. Wanted to be able to have transportation "no matter what". 2. Provides one leg of a 4 leg retirement plan (locking in the "things we need"). 3. Sort of an Insurance Policy. 4. Self Reliance....make my own electricity to power my car.


Most people checked the "doability" of Solar years ago, when the Feds limited credits to $1500 and Solar PV was $5 a watt. The Feds are now Rebating 30% unlimited!!!! Solar PV is less than "a buck a watt". Now is the time folks. The bottom is in and the bell is ringing.

Experience with Installer:

Go to Design your car. Hit "BUY NOW". Install a 50 amp dryer plug in your garage while you wait for Tesla to deliver your car.

Open House Info:

OCTOBER 5TH, 2013 from 8AM to 4PM Solar PV, Thermal and EV OPEN HOUSE 100% whole House solar electric, charging 4 electric cars, heating 4 garage spaces, heating a chicken coop, heating a cellar. PSNH pays us…with over 6 Megawatts “in the bank” Possible !00% thermal with wood backup. See “stick on” PV, Tracker PV, Rack PV, Xantrex XW system, Battery system and a microinverter system AC Coupled to the Battery system. See a Tarm 2200 Wood/Oil FHW boiler, a 900 gallon heat storage tank and 180 evacuated tube Thermal solar system. See a 2011 Tesla Roadster 2.5, a 2012 Tesla S Signature Performance and a Chevy Volt.

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