The ample natural light afforded by many triple pane windows and by the orientation of the house (solar passive) is the best feature of the house. Think well about how to prevent sunlight to enter you home in the summer (to avoid excess heat) and encourage direct sunlight in winter (to passively heat the house). Even on a dark grey day we don't need electric light because of the abundance of natural light.

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Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

75% to 99%

of hot water

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What You Need to Know

Other Benefits:

Lessen impact on environment, greater efficiency, reduced cost, reduces the noise of the on-demand hot water system.

Maintenance Requirements:

We have no experience of maintenance for the PV and hot water systems yet since they are new as of this month.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Apart from the Solar Hot-Water the house features on-demand hot water, blown cellulose, a brise-soleil ('sun break' to prevent hot summer sun from entering the house), triple pane windows (a third of them are non-operable for greater air seal), forest on North, numerous large windows on South, smaller windows in North facing wall, air-source heat pumps, SIPs panels, Superior Walls, heat pumps, Toyota Prius averages 45 mpg (next car will hopefully be an electric hybrid and plug into the solarly produced electricity), honeycomb thermal shades in main windows, radiant floor heating, CFL and LED light bulbs, energy star appliances, non-toxic and clay finishes, reclaimed/salvaged materials, some outside decks are local larch, siding is Hardie Board cement/recycled newspaper composite, metal roofing. The roof mounted 25 panels, 6 kw PV system, will be installed a few weeks after the green tour.

My Motivation:

The rising individual and environmental costs of electricity and gas. There are many new materials with better features available now, offering clean alternatives. They make good sense for the environment, they offers hope against a sense of powerlessness and despair over the state of the world, the oil and gas crisis and the climate change we experience.


Make sure your roof is capable of receiving the extra weight of solar panels and that the roof cover is relatively new or consider re-roofing before setting the solar panels. NYSERDA is offering substantial savings along with tax breaks, so now is a good time to act.

Experience with Installer:

It always takes longer than expected and it did, so count that in. I am part of a local group of volunteers who educated the community about solar systems and interviewed a dozen installers thoroughly to negotiate the best price/features for group PV and solar hot water purchase. It has been very successful and we are pleased with our installers.

Additional Notes:

My house is 1 1/2 yo and was planned all along for these green features thanks to the green building movement and the chance I had to visit a number of houses in the few years prior to my building project. Thank you to all who dare try better alternatives.

Open House Info:

Park one car wide all over the spacious driveway. Welcome everyone.

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