Going solar has helped me align my lifestyle with my values.

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50% to 74%

of electricity

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originally 24 BP Solar panels. Added 7 panels in 2007 for total of 31 panels. Use (3) SMA Sunny Boy 1800 watt inverters

Other Benefits:

peace of mind that a good portion of our electricity use is offset by solar

Maintenance Requirements:

none. However, it was recently determined that the electrical conduit is somehow letting water in the electrical pipe that comes down from the roof. Investigating the situation has led to the realization that the leak has been around for some time. Still in process of figuring out where the water is getting into the electrical conduit.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

solar hot water on demand water heater passive solar renovation super high efficiency south face windows blown foam insulation Asko dishwasher and other energy star appliances plug in hybrid vehicles that go 20+ miles in EV mode

My Motivation:

living my values freedom and independence by generating my own power


get quotes from multiple providers talk to references do your own research- sales people are sales people and many will tell you want to want to hear

Experience with Installer:

authenticity of the people I dealt with was paramount when an installer talks to me about overall energy efficiency that resonates installers that talk about natural gas backup generators demotivates

Open House Info:

Please pardon the renovations taking place in the kitchen

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