Heating domestic water from the sun is very empowering. It is comforting to know my roof is the source of our hot water.

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(2) Heliodyne solar thermal collectors in a closed loop system heating 80 gallon tank. Recently installed an OHM solar thermal monitoring system that is online but a login is required to access data

Maintenance Requirements:

Need to check PH of glycol every few years and make sure the pressure in the system is at or around 50 PSI.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

solar PV on demand water heater passive solar renovation plug in hybrid cars energy star rated appliances replaced fiberglass insulation with blown foam soapstone woodstove as primary heat in winter

My Motivation:

wanting to go beyond just solar electricity as the only form of renewable energy in the house. Cutting natural gas usage and carbon creation


get a monitoring system, like the OHM, so you can see the usage in realtime. One has not way of knowing how well the system is operating without a monitoring system

Experience with Installer:

The panels were installed by GroSolar techs. The rest of the system was installed by a third party plumber that was one hour away. The plumber used my hard tap water to "charge" the system. Tap water is NOT supposed to be used if the water is hard.

Additional Notes:

The Radiant Store maintains the system for me now. Terry Hoag provided and installed the OHM monitoring system. The system requires a login so it is not publiclly accessible. I will have the system connected to a TV to show folks that arrive for the tour. "Backup" hot water is provided by an on demand Takagi natural ggas unit.

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