4077 watt roof mounted solar array Quadra Fire Multi fuel burner insert (Burns-Corn, Wheat, Pellets,Sunflower seeds, and even has a DC battery backup system Blue Line innovation energy monitoring unit Goodman 95% furnace with variable speed blower and 2 stage gas pilot (Energy Star) Asko dishwasher (Energy Star) Takagi instant on demand hot water heater with remote temp control (Energy Star) Solar shed lighting using a SHR-17 Solar shingle Solarheat 1000G hot air system Solar doorbell Over 50 LED light bulbs Solar pond pump See our Solar Tree [4] Evergreen 120 watt solar modules mounted on a pole R60 Insulation in the attic Eco garden with over 15 differant types of fruits!! (Elderberries, Gooseberries, strawberries,raspberries, huckleberries,blueberries,blackberries, kiwi, a five in one pear tree, two type of grapes, and lots more! Eco pond system with solar lighting Compost area Demonstration of Thieves Cleaner which is one of the best eco cleaners ever, and a free sample ;) Special Considerations: Street parking, Stair climbing required

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This new 2013 4.77kW PV system will account for well over 100% of our electric usage, and make our home a net zero electric user!! The panels are roof mounted on our home facing the road, and even our neighbors have commented that they like the look!

Other Benefits:

Low electric bills, low carbon emissions, a feeling of helping our country to scale back on fossil fuels from foreign countries!

Maintenance Requirements:


Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Solar shingles on our shed for lighting, Solar doorbell, Takagi Instant Hot water heater, Solar heat 1000G hot air system, Energy Star appliances

My Motivation:

Helping the USA and to bring our country away from foreign oil. Energy independence, Saving money for our future and our children's future. Being Green and feeling great about it!!


Start small and do something and build from that.. We started with two solar panels and now are energy free!!

Experience with Installer:

Loved it!! They are the best!

Open House Info:

October 5th Saturday from 10am-4pm EST, 73 Valleyview Drive Brockport, NY 14420. Other homes on our tour can be listed here. http://renewablerochester.com/rochester-ny-solar-tour-2013-1-2/

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