This home was built in 1994 with a standard energy profile and is now carbon neutral. The conversion began in 2007 with the installation of a 60-tube Apricus solar hot water heating system which allowed the boiler to stay off through the summer. Later on, another 40 Apricus tubes were installed to feed heat into the radiant floors in the kitchen and reduce the boiler load further into the spring and fall. In 2012 the purchase of a fully automated Okofen pellet boiler eliminated the oil tank for good! Then a 3.3 kilowatt solar electric array was installed in 2009 with an additional 2 kilowatt in 2012 to cover the total annual electric usage for this family of six (their newly purchased all-electric Nissan Leaf may send them back for a few more solar panels). Every project is projected to pay for itself through energy savings within the lifetime of the equipment – some projects generating net savings much more quickly.

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