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Super insulated house design, with 100% electrical power,augmented with a wood stove in the winter for heat. No PVs or solar thermal hot water were installed in the initial build. The objective was to insulate with 12 inch walls and 18in roof insulation. Triple glazed windows and doors were used through out, and all penetrations of the walls were managed for minimal heat loss.

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Annual Energy Usage 250 Garland Rd Current Operation: House occupied for 6 months in summer , elect heat for winter @ 45 F. Heat: 1262 kWh $265 40% of total for the period Oct to March Plug load: 1866 kWh $392 60% of total for the period May to Oct. total use 3128 kWh $657 per year. Heat provided by two 1500 watt space heaters, no furnace in the house. . . Estimated operation for 12 month use: 100% electric heat 2524 kWh $530 to heat to 60 degrees, balance plug load 3733 kWh $784 total use yearly 6257 kWh $1314. If the house was occupied the head load would be reduced at least 50% by a wood stove. . Data Based on 4 years consumption 2009 to 2013. House is 100% electric, no PVs or solar hot water installed. House super insulated, solar gain, and wood stove for heat requirements.

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House has a heat recovery ventilation system Wood stove has outside air for combustion

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Control energy cost Benefit the environment


No heating system was installed initially, other than portable electric heaters. The objective was to add heat only as required after the data was analyzed.

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Test case for super insulated house for the Garland Mill

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All are welcome 10/5/2013

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