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St. Paul's is using its steeply pitched, south facing, sanctuary roof to save significant expense and as well to reduce its carbon footprint.

What You Need to Know


48 solar panels installed high on the steeply pitched, south facing sanctuary roof. A new roof was installed approximately one year before the panels were installed. A pair of inverters (not individual micro-inverters) services the 48 panels.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance has been necessary in year one. But anything that should come up will be taken care of by Solect Inc. until St. Paul's assumes ownership of the system, 9 years from now.

My Motivation:

We wanted to save money and be better stewards of our god-given planet.

Experience with Installer:

We worked closely with Solect and a St. Paul's member who practices law to make the PPA and site-access agreements pass muster. In the end, both St. Paul's and Solect Energy Development are pleased with these agreements.

Open House Info:

St. Paul's Church, 61 Wood Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748 - Saturday October 5, 2013, 12PM - 3PM

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