These homes have proven very low energy costs that more than pay for themselves and create real cost savings from day 1 compared to conventional new construction, with all the market requested amenities in a beautiful, wooded setting just 3 miles from some of the nicest beaches in the north east, and in a town that US News and World Report just named as having the 5th best school district in the state.

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Quick Facts
Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

25% to 49%

of electricity

Net Investment


Return on Investment


What You Need to Know


The energy efficiency is R20 in the foundation, R 40 in the walls, and R 60 on the roof, with an air exchange system using a mini-split heat pump and electricity rather than fossil fuels.

Other Benefits:

In southern Maine, the utility gets 50% of it's power from renewable sources.

Maintenance Requirements:

Hardly any for the mini-split heat pump, except to change the air filters once a year.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Low or no VOC materials and low or no maintenance materials.

My Motivation:

Nationwide, energy efficient building represents 22% of new construction, so we are bringing this to Maine where the idea of energy efficiency is new but the need is critical. We are inspired to bring Mainers cost savings and environmental air quality, an idea whose time has come.


We hope someday soon all buildings will be built this way.

Experience with Installer:

There is a lot of variance between what works from a cost perspective and what is wasted in terms of payback, and we are truly fortunate to be able to share our experience for the benefit of our clients. It is not that difficult or expensive to achieve amazing reductions in energy costs and improvements in environmental (indoor air) quality!

Additional Notes:

Maine as a state has the highest percentage of oil and propane fuel usage for space heating in the nation, which is the most expensive and least efficient. Converting to electric heat pumps is not only better for the budget, it is better for the environment, and is cheaper than natural gas now and will remain so for decades to come. Maine has an advantage in that 50% of its electricity is from renewable resources, making this a smart choice economically and environmentally.

Open House Info:

We have very detailed energy and economic analyses that we are happy to share with everyone. We can demonstrate proven cost savings and environmental benefits on our homes that make investing in a these homes very rewarding. We welcome all to see how we are doing it.

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