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75% to 99%

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We have 16 panels, and also an older solar hot water array that needs upgrading but still operating at 20%.

Other Benefits:

I am leasing an electric car, and I can power my car from my PV system, which is really amazing!

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance thus far. It has been trouble free since installation.

My Motivation:

Addressing energy use is the most fundamental responsibility of our time. At 53, I figure, with luck and health, I have 30 more years to do what I can to use energy as sustainably and cleanly as I can.


DO IT! If everyone who can install solar chooses to do it, we'll inch toward making sustainable energy use the norm instead of the exception.

Experience with Installer:

The office people at Northeast Solar were somewhat disorganized in their communication, but not to the point of it being a problem. The actual installers - the guys who came to the house and did the work - were fabulous! Once they started, they were quick and really neat.

Additional Notes:

We had to take down a rather large maple tree that was shading part of the roof. That added 800 bucks to the cost of the project, and our house felt kind of exposed at first, but now we have planted dwarf trees that provide privacy and don't block the sun.

Open House Info:

We're happy to have people here between noon and 4pm. Our street is a dead-end, and we're at the end of it. Visitors should park along the right side of the road.

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