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50% to 74%

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What You Need to Know


6 kW DC/5.2 kW AC with 4.3 hours of sun per day annual average. 99.9% of the property is unshaded. The system is set at 22 degrees South Orientation. There are 24 SolarWorld SW250 Poly Modules, 24 Enphase Energy M215-60-2LL-S2x Inverters on this system.

Other Benefits:

Operates efficiently, can be monitored using Enlighten Manager on line 24 hours per day/7 days per week!! It's awesome!

Maintenance Requirements:

None - NO maintenance issues at this time!

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Our home actually surpassed the CT Energy Audit! It was so low they didn't know what additional improvements to suggest!

My Motivation:

To become independent and not a dependent slave to the local utilities, take control of the energy I produce/use, increase the value of not only my property but the value of the orientation of my home, the solar energy I knew my home could generate due to the South facing roof and the amount of heat I knew was being generated by the sun on my home. To protect the new roof I had placed on the home in 2011 while EARNING benefits from the placement of the system. I also realize the benefits I am having on our environment. TO DATE, OUR HOME HAS OFFSET THE EQUIVALENT OF 1.42 TONS OF CARBON OR 36 TREES! WE HAVE GENERATED ENOUGH ELECTRICITY TO POWER 68 HOUSES FOR ONE DAY!


DON'T LEASE YOUR SOLAR SYSTEM. Find a way to purchase the system.

Experience with Installer:

I chose my installer due to the reputation of the company, his responses to contact, the fact that I was treated like the only customer he had at the time, even though he is a very busy person. I was NOT disappointed. Bruce Rocks!

Additional Notes:

Remember: to obtain permits, every home has to have an engineering inspection. Expect to spend $1,000 on average for that inspection. That is a "real" number. Remember, your roof may need supports in order to hold the system. This is for your benefit, the safety of your system/investment and living occupants, as well as for the integrity of the system. This will be an added expense if your roof cannot hold the size of the system you would like to install. IF your roof is an older roof, your contractor SHOULD suggest you install a new roof at the time of your system installation. If your contractor does not give this advice, FIND A NEW ONE.

Open House Info:

We will be open from 10-2pm on Saturday October 5th, come meet with us and our contractor. We will have answers to most questions or give you a quick response to any we may need time to answer :) See you there!

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