5.4 kWh solar panels provide all energy necessary to run our all electric house resulting in no heating or electric bills, plus income of about $1,200 annually in SRECs.

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Each of the 24 solar panels has its own micro DC/AC inverter rather than one large system inverter so any shading affects that panel and not entire system.

Other Benefits:

Pays my electric bill, pays my daughter's electric bill and generates SRECs.

Maintenance Requirements:

None during first 18 months so far.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

R-30 slab floor, R-45 cellulose walls, R-90 ceiling. Emphasis on air tight construction. Triple pane fixed, awning or casement windows. Rain screen. HRV ventilation.

My Motivation:

Needed to do more for the environment than simply change light bulbs.


There is gold in those sunbeams. Go for it!

Experience with Installer:

I arranged for the PV installer and windows. The contractor hired all the necessary subs. The building permit was issued in late Sept. 2011 and the occupancy permit issued six months later.

Additional Notes:

The lost is wooded 1/3 acre. There are no impermeable surfaces.

Open House Info:

Will participate in 2014 Green Buildings Open House.

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