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Use of geothermal heat pumps to heat and cool the home without burning oil or gas onsite.

What You Need to Know


The system uses horizontal coils buried under the pond in the backyard. These coils transfer heat from the ground into our home using liquid (mostly water). This heat is then used to either heat or cool our home, depending on the season.

My Motivation:

Don't like burning fuel at our home. Wanted to be more environmentally friendly.


Put solar on it! Electricity rates were quite low and solar prices were very high when we installed this system. Would definitely suggest putting solar PV on it now to make is 100% sun powered!

Experience with Installer:

Get quotes from multiple installers in advance and make sure they all include the same features.

Additional Notes:

Considered an "all electric home"

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Secules/CoreFocused GeoThermal
Secules/CoreFocused GeoThermal


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