Visit our off-grid homestead and hand-built log cabin, where simplicity and stewardship unite as we develop our edible landscape, live without running water, use a small solar panel for indoor lights, and maintain property access on foot only.


What You Need to Know


Off-grid homesteading. We built a 16'18' log cabin by hand, have no running water, grow as much of our own produce as we can, and recently added a small solar panel for lights. Our property is accessible by foot only.

Other Benefits:

Peace of mind, simplicity, easy economics, reliability, self-sufficiciency, independence, joy

Maintenance Requirements:


My Motivation:

1. philosophical beliefs in simplicity and sustainability 2. simplicity of economics 3. it's more fun to live by our own labor!


humor and patience are essential to DIY projects

Experience with Installer:

did all work ourselves - this required significant hours on our part, but kept our costs quite minimal. No contractors, little waste, and few expenses.

Open House Info:

Visitors are welcome during daylight hours. Please be aware that we have a dog, and that our property is accessible by foot only. Park by the mailbox; youhave approximately a 1/3mi. walk ahead of you.

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