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Our systems are installed by our own installers. The SunBlue team takes pride in our work and are there with you from the initial visit until the completion of your project.

Other Benefits:

SolarEdge optimizer and Inverter are warranted for 25 yrs. Our panels have a 25 yr production guarantee. Our labor warranty is 10 years!

Maintenance Requirements:

The great part of having solar on your roof is the simplicity of it's performance. The panels just produce electricity and save you on your electric bill. Maintenance is rarely need. We mostly go back to updated the communication devices whenever a router is changed.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We have special relationships with tree companies, insulation, roofers, LEED and more.

My Motivation:

Our motivating factor is helping local homeowners go solar with a reliable company. Producing your own energy and saving money is an amazing feeling. We also give homeowners a positive feeling, knowing that we want them to have a pleasant experience from beginning to end.


I would say researching online is always great but meeting the company personally is the best way to be well informed. There will always be questions that you may not have thought of. This is the best time to get the answers with clarity.

Experience with Installer:

The process has improved over the years. Many building departments are open to solar and release permits within 4-6 weeks of signing a contract.

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