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Gold rating for green remodel downtown

What You Need to Know


216 panel Sharp roof-mounted solar panel system with SMA Sunny Boy 7000 inverters

Maintenance Requirements:


Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

The building was awarded LEED Gold Certification for its commitment to green building practices. EA selected the most efficient building materials and equipment and allocated as much roof space as possible to optimize the solar PV generation’s electricity offset potential. For example, the office space was designed to take advantage of natural lighting, by use of plenty of glass walls and materials like the Eco Stucco that lines the walls and provides thermal control and its white beige color softly reflects light for energy efficiency and occupancy comfort.

My Motivation:

The decision to install solar PV was one that came naturally to EA, an organization committed to achieving environmental and economic sustainability.

Additional Notes:

Building is LEED Gold Certified

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