Solar PV and solar thermal help keep my utility bills down.

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Average Annual Savings


Energy Needs Met

25% to 49%

of electricity

Net Investment


Return on Investment


What You Need to Know


My home did not have any available roof space due to large trees in my front yard. So Green State Power designed a creative custom racking structure to mount the modules over my back-yard patio.

Other Benefits:

The panels over my patio also offer shade on my deck.

Maintenance Requirements:

Green State Power came out a year after my system was installed to check all the wiring and tighten everything up and we haven't had any problems with the system since it was installed.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We also had Green State Power install 2 solar thermal collectors for our domestic hot water.

My Motivation:

I was motivated by wanted to use renewable energy and being able to save a substantial amount of money over the years to come.

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