After first cutting the electrical output by switching to more-efficient LED lighting, a move that most solar companies do not mention, we calculated the estimated reduction in electricity for months to come, thus resulting in less panels needed, ultimately cutting the cost of the system even further for the owners. To not only see the utility bill vanished, but to also know that this building is clean, mercury-free, and eco-friendly, and given the positive cash flow for the owners each year, we're proud to see the benefits of solar actively at work.

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This building's roof space resulted in our being able to generate 100% of electricity from solar. The numbers truly have been unbelievable and the building has been operating just the same as before solar. The system has generated positive change for this building and the monthly electricity bill has been eliminated.

Other Benefits:

Some tenants have expressed appreciation for living in a building with solar panels. And thanks to our switching to LED Lighting we replaced every old and faulty bulb which was previously an issue. And the removal of mercury from the old lighting setup was great.

Maintenance Requirements:

No issues. The panels require washing periodically. At this location, washing is performed 3 times a year.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

LED Lighting retrofits as part of the installation.

My Motivation:

Reducing costs. Generate a positive cash-flow in an environmentally sound fashion. A pure investment.


Ask as many questions as you have. This is an important decision and it's best to fully grasp the technicalities and economics of solar.

Experience with Installer:

LED Lighting, which resulted in a more environmentally efficient change and also a great deal of money saved. And the quality of the panels and organized and positive workflow. The panels look beautiful.

Open House Info:

If you are in Southern California and would like to visit one of the buildings or residences we've installed solar on, please feel free to call us at 818-855-9203 and we'd be happy to schedule a visit. If you're NOT in Southern California, still call us! We'll provide any information you'd like and present photos and numbers of other buildings for your review.

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