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Permits comparison of various energy production and conservation systems

What You Need to Know


Is on 100' tower; limited by zoning at the time.

Other Benefits:

Serves as an excellent landmark

Maintenance Requirements:


Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

See other two listings for details on Solar (16 kW total). House is timber frame with self-built, R50 wall and R70 roof SIP panels, with earth sheltering, low voltage switching, geothermal (used for AC only) and 2 story heat absorbing greenhouse on front. Separate greenhouse has solar thermal panels heating interior swimming pool as thermal sink.


Wind is far less efficient than PV; compare wind graph above with solar graph in associated listing. (with separate bars for each set of 8 kW panels)

Experience with Installer:


Additional Notes:

There was no rebate for wind when installed.

Open House Info:

During Illinois Solar Tour, 1st Saturday in October; other times by appointment

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