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Kevin Eigel

My PV system provides all of the electricity for my house and plug-in electric car. I love it and tell everyone I can about it.

What You Need to Know


My system was installed on a low pitch east/west roof, with the solar panels tilted to the south at 15 degrees. There is no shading on the panels. THe arrangement is working very well and I get better than projected solar production.

Other Benefits:

I am satisfied every time I see it. For me, it is a statement of my values for all my neighbors and visitors to see.

Maintenance Requirements:


My Motivation:

I am concerned about the future and want to do what I can to reduce my carbon footprint and set and example for others to follow.


There is no reason to wait. DO it now.

Experience with Installer:

Ecohouse and Kevin Eigel were great to work with.

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