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System Performance has Exceeded Contract Quotation.

What You Need to Know


PV System consists of 14 SunPower modules with module STC ratings of 327W DC each, with one SunPower 4000m (240V) Inverter

Maintenance Requirements:

No significant maintenance costs during first three years of operation.

My Motivation:

(1) Climate Change concerns, (2) savings in energy

Experience with Installer:

I was intensively involved in system design and layout with the installers. A major decision factor was maximizing the system output from the roof space available.

Additional Notes:

The house was sited with the intent of adding PV solar and provides near-ideal exposure in an excellent area in terms of annual solar insolation.

Open House Info:

Open House 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 3-4 October 2015. Some parking limitations right at the house, which may require some walking up the hill; will work with neighbors to provide additional parking spaces, if needed.

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B&B Large Residence Home Tour
B&B Large Residence Home Tour


Solar Panels on Deck House in Carlisle, MA
Solar Panels on Deck House in Carlisle, MA

Single-Family Residence|Solar PV

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