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Best investment you can make...

What You Need to Know


Ground mounted system

Maintenance Requirements:

Keep area surrounding pv system clear of grass and brush...monitor system online with an app provided by solar company. That's it...seriously there isn't much to do.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

LED lighting...

My Motivation:

1. Replace my electric bill (which would go on as long as I live here) with a short term home equity loan to pay for solar. Cost of loan is almost identical with monthly electricity bill...but, loan has a fixed term and once paid off I will no longer have a monthly charge. Have had no electricity bill since system went online in late January 2016. 2. Environmental benefit was also a driving motivator.


Research,research,research...get multiple quotes, ask questions of proposals and challenge assumptions presented to you by solar companies. By getting multiple quotes (some through EnergySage,others from calling local companies) I was able to save over $12K on installation. Also if you can afford to purchase system outright it is far more beneficial financially than leasing. When you own system you receive all tax credits as well as future srecs...not lease company.

Experience with Installer:

Overwhelmingly positive...a few bumps in the process but nothing that good (2 way) communication didn't solve. From my initial meeting with Lucas (salesperson), to Dan (owner) and the installation crew everyone was honest, respectful, and forthright, which was appreciated.

Additional Notes:

System sits quietly and relatively unobtrusive about a hundred feet from our home on the ground. After almost a full year of production we have had no problems with its operation, no maintenance issues and am very pleased at its performance.

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11711 Luckey Ledge

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