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West-facing, garage mounted; 12 SolarWorld 285W panels; SolarEdge hybrid inverter system. Required $680 worth of electrical main panel work (older house, can be applied towards tax credit) and $100 net metering application feed with utility.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Started with conservation - consumption and cost understanding, DTE Insight app (real-time and historic data), Efergy electricity monitor, Nest thermostat (remote control, auto-scheduling, auto-away, historic usage, etc.), remote controlled lights (Phillips Hue) eliminate stand-by losses, home energy audit (blower door test, infrared imaging, appliance and HVAC inspection). Then efficiency - LEDs, weather stripping, outlet seals, weather stripping, new fridge and dishwasher (needed them anyways), attic insulation and air sealing, insulated hot water pipes (boiler heat), crawlspace encapsulation. Then generation - PV solar.

My Motivation:

http://bit.ly/terawattproblem Make house more comfortable, save money, energy responsibility, security, independence, and sustainability, lower cost of home ownership, reduce GHG emissions from house.


Get in touch with an EnergySage solar advisor before, use marketplace to source quotes as well as local installers, compare on important metrics (mainly $/W), research panel and inverter types, warranties, FITC, RECs, and financing options, have top installers come out to inspect and answer questions, consult with solar advisor before selecting.

Experience with Installer:

Installers were happy to help throughout the process, including on-site visits and answering questions. Experience, previous projects, and general helpfulness also considered.

Additional Notes:

Start with energy conservation, then perform cost-effective energy efficiency retrofits, then install appropriate solar for generation (see 'Other efficiency or sustainability improvements' for more details).

Open House Info:

Send me an email - szsherman@gmail.com - if you'd like to come by to check it out and discuss :)


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