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Harry Heyman
What You Need to Know


I have a two array system. 28 panels with 7 on a roof facing south and 21 on the roof facing east. I was worried about the looks of the panels on the east roof as that is basically the front of my house and very much part of the curb appeal. I think the look came out to be great. The panels go well with the roof.

Maintenance Requirements:

None so far.

My Motivation:

The cost of electricity is ridiculous in Rhode Island. I also like solar and never imagined it would be cost effective to have on my own home. I was blown away by the finances. I doubt it would be possible to pull off without the FIT Program - which is unfortunate.


People really need to look at the numbers. It is a possibility for many. Consider financing to get an immediate return on investment. If you put $25k cash down for this, could you possible get a better return putting $25k elsewhere and financing the panels.

Experience with Installer:

It was pretty good. I had to ask for some things to be taken into consideration to reduce the conduit that would be visible. If I didn’t help guide the process, I feel that there would be conduit run all over the exterior of the house which would have looked horrible.

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East + West roof Thin Film  "stick on" PV
East + West roof Thin Film "stick on" PV

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