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24 260 watt REC Peak Black Modules SolarEdge 6000 inverter 24 Optimizers SolarEdge and Egauge monmitoruing

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Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Our house was built for efficiency and built for solar. We considered solar with our first home but the HOA would not approve. When we built this house we were determined to have solar.

My Motivation:

We feel a strong responsibility to the environment. When we were rejected by the HOA on our first home, we immediately ran for the HOA board on our current home. After our system was installed, we had a solar party with Yes presenting to neighbors. The result was eight homes on our street with solar!


Work with a reputable solar company like Yes Solar that has NABCEP accreditation, GC an electrical licenses and who listens to your needs.

Experience with Installer:

Yes Solar was the most responsive, had the most expertise and had a competitive price.

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