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19 LG NEON2 60-cell, 315 W; SolarEdge Inverter; SolarEdge Power Optimizer

Maintenance Requirements:

None required or expected.

My Motivation:

Reduce carbon emissions; invest in clean energy; lower energy bills; hopefully, earn return on investment.

Experience with Installer:

We trusted the installer who was willing to come and see our site - which consisted of two attached houses - and talk with us before we put money down. Invaleon answered all our questions; they worked with us; guided us through the process; got all our permissions and installed in a timely manner.

Additional Notes:

We chose one of the most efficient panels on the market as of right now, and the Solar Edge inverter is slated to be compatible with the forthcoming Powerwall batteries, so we can store electricity for use if the grid goes down. We are a 2-family property (condo), and we collaborated to install equivalent systems at the same time.

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