What You Need to Know


we have 12 270 watt pannels on the roof and a solar edge 3k inverter

Other Benefits:

roof shading and the master bed room is now cooler and at the same temp as the rest of the house

Maintenance Requirements:


My Motivation:

honestly solar has been one of them things i have been thinking about for a long long time this was the time to go for it we kinda followed in the steps of Disney here after they made Epcot solar


do your home work know what you need and how it will work for you understand before you buy!!! don't take it all at just face value there are things you need to know and understand before you drop this kind of $$$

Experience with Installer:

i can't say enough good about Dan and his crew if your in Floridian get a quote from Guardian Solar and give them a chance even if you decide on a different path let them help you go green

Open House Info:

the door is open and i am happy to talk with you about it all don't be shy i wont be!!

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