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Fire Mountain Solar

C-Square Rooftop Solar

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C-Square is the Food Coop’s newest venture. CRUST + CRUMBS • CONES • CUPPA • CURED • Third Street Cafe ... C-Square features items made in-house using local ingredients: bakery, espresso bar, ice cream, charcuterie, and farm-to-table café. Fire Mountain Solar filled up the available roof space with 17.37 KW of 62 Itek Energy 285 watt panels, made locally in Bellingham, paired with Itek’s Solectria string inverter. Because the roof is flat, we used a ballasted roofing system so as not to penetrate the new membrane roof. Though this system is too small to power the entire building, the General Manager and the Board wanted to pursue it because clean energy is in sync with the values of SVFC 2020 Vision.

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9.8 KW at Coffee Roaster
9.8 KW at Coffee Roaster

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Washington made iTek with Theia inverters
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