With a little guidance, the process was way easier than I expected.

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My townhouse is attached on both sides. There were no issues that required HOA involvement. In fact I convinced 2 other neighbors to go solar.

My Motivation:

Firstly, I'm happy to be generating less CO2. Secondly, with the utility savings, and Energy Credits, I'm looking forward to breaking even after about 4 years and making money.


Compare apples to apples. Keep everything about your calculations the same except for Cost and System size. Some people focus on $/kWh, but for me the payoff after 20 years was easier to evaluate.

Experience with Installer:

The installer I picked gave be the best return on investment by far. But they also were very responsive and reasonable. Once signed the contract, I was less happy with the agent I worked with, but the others including the work crew were great. Make sure the installer uses their own crew and not subcontractors.

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