Here's an example of us being called up to repair roof damage caused by amateur solar installation practices. Take a look at the photos and find out what to look for when vetting installers.

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This is a system that was installed in 2012 by a local/regional installer, Technically, it should still be under warranty by the original installer. To the homeowner's chagrin, the company was not responding to his requests to address the leaks under the array flooding his bedroom ceiling. We were contacted through a referral program, met the homeowner, and explained to him what needs to be done in order to repair his leaky roof and rebuild his system properly.

Other Benefits:

The system was dismantled, the roof tile removed, the underlayment peeled, and the moldy and withered decking replaced. A new double layer of tile specific TU-35 fiberglass underlayment was installed, ensuring industry-leading resistance to the elements. Intact tile were reinstalled, with matching replacement tile found and picked up from a vintage tile yard 120+ miles away. The solar system was then completely rebuilt in the correct manner, from the penetration points up.

Maintenance Requirements:

The tilt-up system, now rebuilt, requires only a watering from time to time to remove debris.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

We used radiant barrier roof decking to reduce attic temperatures. Radiant barrier, along with green insulation (such as cellulose or denim), and high SRI value roofing material, allows homeowners to meet cool roofing standards that reduce HVAC costs and increase sustainability in construction.

My Motivation:

The homeowner was let down by his original solar company. He needed someone to turn to and we wanted to deliver the peace of mind he was seeking.


Always dig deep when it comes to roofing penetrations. Ask incisive questions to your installer. Penetration points must be done right in order to avoid headaches years down the line.

Experience with Installer:

We were thrilled to work with a company that delivered on their word. They were the only ones that showed up prepared to conduct a thorough survey, and accomplished exactly what they set out to do: repaper my roof and correctly reinstall my solar.

Additional Notes:

The tilt-up system and tile track originally used are less prevalent in solar today but that challenge was overcome with diligent row-to-row measurements and rafter finding following the re-roofing.

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