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SunPower X-22-360-AC 360W modules, two arrays (5 + 13), totaling 6.48 kW, on the same SW-facing roof plane.

Other Benefits:

Add value to the property, not visible from the street or from ground level.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Recent remodel included double-paned windows, higher-efficiency appliances, replaced all lighting with LED, upgraded HVAC, and enhanced insulation throughout the house.

My Motivation:

Increasing electricity rates by regional utility (SDG&E), great pricing on premium rooftop solar technology. San Diego typically has the highest (or one of the highest) electricity rates nationwide.


Stay on top of your installer. We were happy with the overall results, however, I had to ping our project manager on several occasions.

Experience with Installer:

Overall, wonderful company. A few hiccups along the way, but the project from signing of contract to system power-on took just over 9-weeks.

Additional Notes:

Of note, the Scripps Ranch section (92131) of San Diego has the highest percentage of residential solar PV penetration of any zip code in solar-friendly California. Please look at the photo reflecting our SDG&E meter readings since activating our solar PV system late afternoon on 5/12.


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