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37 Panasonic Hit (VBHN330SA16) 330 Watt Panels, 37 SolarEdge P400 optimizers, and a 11.4kW SolarEdge Inverter with consumption monitoring. Separate SREC and utility meters, and line-side tap into existing 200 amp service panel. System installed with GSM Cellular data connection, but upgraded with Ethernet for faster data uploads

Other Benefits:

System looks great, lots of interest and good will from neighbors. Helps protect my new roof from the sun!

Maintenance Requirements:

None anticipated for Solar PV system. Everything is warranted for 25yrs,

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

In prior years we've made a number of energy efficiency upgrades to our home including all new energy efficient appliances, new double pane Low-E skylights (2017). New high R-value garage doors (2015). New triple pane Pella windows and front door, and new triple pane bay window (2013). NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR upgrades -- air sealing / re-insulation (2010). Hoping to replace the HVAC in a few years it's original to the house and uses a lot of electric.

My Motivation:

Reducing energy costs, benefiting the environment, teaching my kids and neighbors about solar energy, making money (NJ SREC's).


Definitely go with a SolarEdge system and choose Green Power Energy for your all of your solar needs in NJ and the surrounding area.

Experience with Installer:

All I can say is, “Wow!” It’s very rare that you find a vendor who is responsive, informative, flexible, reliable, AND cost effective. But Tim, Mike, David and the install team at Green Power Energy knocked it out of the park. I needed a new roof and wanted a fairly large (12.2kW) residential system. When the dimensions of my roof came up a bit short for my needs, Tim came back with variety of options to maximize the productivity of my system and squeeze as many panels possible of my roof. GPE coordinated everything, roofing, permitting, inspections, and (of course) all of the installation work including the new SolarEdge consumption monitoring capability. I’m so happy with my new Panasonic panels and the monitoring data and enhanced performance I get from my SolarEdge solution. What a great company to work with! I sailed through my inspections the first time without any issues, and all of the installation work is top notch. I highly recommend them! Now's a great time to go solar in NJ.

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