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Straightforward communication with several bidders through the EnergySage Marketplace. My Solar PV system complements my Tesla and Home Automation systems.

What You Need to Know


I selected an EnergySage bid for a 9.9kW PV System tied to a 7.6 kW SolarEdge HD Wave inverter. My system is somewhat unique because it utilizes the still new HD Wave inverters from SolarEdge which have a much smaller footprint. My flat roof allowed a relatively large system, but the designers did not feel comfortable with a fully optimized tilt angle. I will be adding a Tesla Powerwall 2 in the coming months.

Other Benefits:

Additional power for Tesla EV Charging.


Seek multiple bids from EnergySage and other local installers not listed on EnergySage... Be patient as the design and scheduling process continues as the team of vendors may each encounter unexpected delays... Especially in Texas where the economics of Solar PV are challenging, look for rebates or incentives offered by Retail Electric Providers...

Experience with Installer:

Installer significantly modified the initial bid proposed to use fewer but larger panels at no charge to me... Installer selected a different, but higher quality, panel type from the initial bid based on availability of panels at no charge to me... Installer selected a different but newer and more expensive inverter type from initial bid at no cost to me...

Open House Info:

Tesla Energy (Solar City) Referral Code Available; Native, Inc. Referral Code Available; Available to provide tour if requested.


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