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9.92 KW with LG 310 Watt Neon 2 Panels Enphase Iq6+ micro inverters Enphase EnvoyS

Other Benefits:

App access for remote viewing, high efficient LG Panels that will collect solar reflection from the underside of the panels, very intuitive web monitoring

Maintenance Requirements:

None, other than washing off the panels every few months

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

High efficiency HVAC, Energy efficient windows, new roof, natural gas tankless water heater, all light bulbs are LED, most outlets are on on/off smart switches, all major electronics & TV's are on standby surge protectors to conserve power

My Motivation:

Rising energy cost and wanting to do my part with lowing green house gases


Research! Research! Research!

Experience with Installer:

Couldn't be happier!

Additional Notes:

The roof is a "east & west" roof with strong shading toward the front of the house. Because of this and our needs, the 24 of the panels are on the westside mounted as close to the back of the roof as possible eliminating shading. The other 8 panels are on the eastside as close to the peak as possible. I found these panels soak in a ton of solar in the morning hours while the strong morning Florida sun is working to the 12 o'clock position. Knowing the position of the roof, I am glad we put the bulk of the production on the westside. Once the sun crest over the peak, the 24 west panels take in a ton of solar.

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