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Use of 325W Panasonic Panels and Solaredge Inverters with 98% Efficiency.

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40 Panasonic 325w Solar panels with SE11000US Solaredge inverter optimizer. the system is split between the main house and the new pool house

Other Benefits:

We oversize the system in order to make up enough energy to try and cover the new pool ans sq.ft we added to the house.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance needed only washing the panels once or twice a year.

My Motivation:

I want to generate my own electricity and not depend on the utility company increasing prices every year.


Make to choose the right experience contract that can hadke all the process from A-Z.

Experience with Installer:

ArtGreen did amazing job especially handling one of the most difficult city to wok with when it comes to solar (city of pasadena). the process was smooth and quicker then expected.

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