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It pays for itself in the long run. It's almost foolish to not get solar panels! I work at and its a natural company.

What You Need to Know


30 Itek 300 SE panels. 1 sma SB7.7 US inverter (sunny)

My Motivation:

It is time for everyone to get solar. A friend of mine worked for the government and he said by 2025 general power wont be able to sustain itself.


Shop around. I got three bids. one was 38,000 second one was 24,000 third one was 20,000

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AJ Alhait

Residential|Solar PV

17.37 KW at C-Square
17.37 KW at C-Square

Retail space (e.g., Store, Laundromat, Restaurant)|Solar PV

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