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Penn Solar Energy

Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Beaver Springs PA powered by solar energy.

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This 97.5 Kw system consists of 300 Canadian Solar 325W panels, running into 300 Enphase Micro Inverters mounted with UniRac equipment. This system offsets the usage on site annually.

Other Benefits:

This system offsets the usage on site while selling excess electricity back to the utility company.

Maintenance Requirements:

No Maintenance is required, occasional cleaning of soiled panels.

My Motivation:

Ability to eliminate electricity bill for the next 25 years while becoming more independent from the utility companies.


Solar Energy does not need 100% sunlight, we are harvesting the UV Radiation which is present even on the most overcast days and even in the winter.

Experience with Installer:

Great Group, Experienced and trusted installers

Additional Notes:

Metal Roof

Open House Info:

Location is an active dealership, feel free to stop by.

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