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Sports facility Going Green, Albany NY

What You Need to Know


ground mount system at a new sports facility under construction and share utility costs on electricity with a Solar PV financed 0n PPA bidding & RFP 700KW PV ground mount system, Interconnection New National Grid Service. Pending RFP for interconnection process in progress.

Other Benefits:

save the Planet; Reduce your Carbon footprint. NYSERDA & NY Governors initiatives

Maintenance Requirements:

winning Installer operate and Maintain the system for the life of system till replacement

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Energy star HVA: LEDlighting

My Motivation:

Micro Grid; Renewable * green energy mandate


More projects & Farm community solar & Agricultural farmi PV Clean Energy & Enviroment

Experience with Installer:

Have project management experience on PV installations , HVAC

Additional Notes:

quality &reliable construction. Abilityto operate and maintain optimal out put!

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