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Air source heat pump system with one outdoor compressor and four indoor units, each of which can provide heating and air conditioning and is individually controlled. Remote control via smartphone

Other Benefits:

Nice to have both heating and air conditioning from the same unit. Very quiet and efficient, and it all runs on solar power!

Maintenance Requirements:

Regular cleaning of filters in indoor units takes only a few minutes. Otherwise maintenance-free.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Paired heat pump with solar PV and solar hot water along with MassSave insulation

My Motivation:

Environmental benefits, comfort, financial savings, increased space in home, increased property value


Don't be afraid of relying on heat pumps as your sole heating system--cold climate heat pumps have plenty of power as long as your home is insulated properly. Now you can get Alternative Energy Credit payments as an additional incentive.

Experience with Installer:

NETR was very professional and have been helpful with questions following the installation

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