Green Power Energy and Panasonic are as good as it gets for NJ solar!

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I went with Panasonic 325w panels paired with SolarEdge Power Optimizers. The equipment on my system is all warrantied for 25 years and it came with panel level monitoring through SolarEdge so that I always know how it is producing.

Maintenance Requirements:

None, Green Power Energy provided 20 years of labor/post install service and the equipment is all warrantied for 25 years.

My Motivation:

Solar in NJ is a no brainer. Between the SRECs, tax credit and electricity savings the numbers speak for themselves.

Experience with Installer:

Green Power Energy provided me the best equipment for an unbeatable price. They are ranked number 1 on EnergySage and their reviews are all on point and right in line with what I experienced myself. The install crew was polite, quick and clean and my system looks awesome!

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