Insulating our crawl space was a great way to lower winter heating bills and take advantage of a generous energy efficiency rebate from Efficiency VT!

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We had our main crawl space insulated with 4" Heatlok HFO at R30 plus a foam insulation of 2.5" at R18. We also added Dimple Mat and a 10 Mil Clean Space Vapor Barrier over the dirt floor of the basement. A small electric space heater installed in the corner easily keeps the crawl space between 45 - 50 degrees all winter.

Other Benefits:

In addition to keeping the space warm, the new vapor barrier also prevents moisture from building up, which prevents mold or structural damage.

Maintenance Requirements:

None! We just set the small electric heater to maintain 45 - 50 degrees, and the foam insulation ensures the heater draws very little electricity to maintain temperature.

My Motivation:

We wanted to lower our winter heating bills and also increase the value of our house.


My best advice is to start off by hiring a good home energy auditor and getting a home energy assessment completed. This will provide you with a roadmap for all the energy efficiency upgrades you should make, and the expected ROI of each upgrade.

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