“Friends, Thanks to Loom Solar Team. I am Mahavir tarpaulins bamboowala from Bhandup, West Mumbai. I have business of Bambo. In my area, there is no electricity so i wanted alternate solar energy.So I discussed my problem with loom solar team, they understood my problem and offered this solutions. I decided to buy this solar system on his words (Bought Loom Solar Inverter 1800, Loom Solar Panel 320 Watt and Solar 60 ah battery) and they came to our office area with their loom solar installation kit and installed in a day. As per my need, I use 6 bulbs, 1 Fans, & mobile charging (4-5 mobile) every day. My solar system starts to charge from the morning 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. I am also using lights and fan the whole night. I bought this system from Loom Solar, they delivered at my location within 3-4 days and installed it in properly. I would recommend to all my friends and family to adopt this affordable solar system to own energy and use it as per needs.

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