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Nishi Chandra

My name is V. K. Yadav, a Colonel lives in H. No. 3011, Sector – 23, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. Though the requirement of power is not much, I wanted to install solar panels at my place given my passion for the same. I contacted Loom Solar of Faridabad to buy the system and do the installation. I choose them because I wanted to use highly efficient and the most durable Grid Connected AC Modules. Secondly, I wanted a customized installation on my rooftop, which Loom Solar guys readily agreed to do. However, Loom Solar agreed to all my conditions. Also, Loom Solar’s products matched all my required specifications. I installed a 4 kW solar system with 12 quantity Loom Solar 340 Watt grid connected AC modules in 1 array (SW-12 portrait). I asked them to install 12 solar panels in my rooftop area. To my amazement, the whole process (from contacting Loom Solar to installation) was completed smoothly within 3 days and with excellent finishing. For More Details:

What You Need to Know


Loom solar introduces 4 kW solar power generating system using world's latest technology in solar panel called Solar AC Module.A 4 kW solar system generates 22 units every day from morning 9 am to 5 pm. Package Components: 340 watt solar ac module (12 Panels) Solar panel stand (made of galvanized iron) Connecting Cables Panel level monitoring device Standard installation - Included

Other Benefits:

Run multiple air conditioner along with Refrigerator, Television, Fans and lights during the day in a big house

Maintenance Requirements:


My Motivation:

To generate power in 24*7


We should go to solar.

Experience with Installer:


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