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My system is composed of 23 Sun Power SPR-E20-327-D-AC Solar Modules. These panels use Enphase IQ7X micro inverters. My monitoring system uses SunPower PVS6. This is a fairly new monitoring system and I have had alot of monitoring issues. You can't believe the data being provided. It changes throughout the day. I've called for support and after more than 5 weeks I have no resolution yet . I did get an acknowledgement that there is a problem but that's it.

Other Benefits:

This system was suppose to provide 50-60% of my power needs. Found out after the fact that Freedom Solar didn't understand the arrangement that Xcel Utility provider does with customers in the state of Texas. "They don't do Net Metering". They will allow me to sell power back but want to charge $20 a month maintenance fee. That would require me to sell ~670kW a month to break even. I would not of bought the system if I had known that up front. I advise each customer to do there own homework with their utility company. Talk to a person, don't believe what there website may say.

Maintenance Requirements:

No maintenance required for this system. I asked about cleaning the panels and they recommended that I use only water and clean cloth if I decide it really needs it. It does ok producing even when I thought the panels were very dirty. I live in the Texas Panhandle where the wind blows alot and dust can be an issue.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

I added additional insulation to the attic in early 2018 when I added on to my house.

My Motivation:

Had looked at the technology and prices for years. Received a cold call from a installer and setup a meeting to find out more. I did not go with that installer as I couldn't get them to answer all of my technical questions but I appreciated them getting me interested in adding solar to my home.


Before you buy a system from anybody, search all over the web for reviews. I bought this system thinking the company Freed Solar and SunPower were stand up companies. I say this because of the service after the sale. I have monitoring issues with the system and SunPower is terrible at supporting their product. I have been unable to get them to talk to me and its been over a month since I tried to get some answers. I talked with Freedom Solar and they made an attempt to get SunPower to respond but that has not happened and I have not heard from Freedom Solar. I have sent alot of emails to Freed Solar but no resolution is in sight and I still have monitoring issues. I will continue to report the issue and see where that gets me. Only time will tell now how much I will save. Don't know currently if the ROI will be gained by the time the warranty runs out.

Experience with Installer:

Installers were quick to get system in place. I questioned them about some shoddy workmanship on the rail installation and they fixed it before they installed the system. They were very easy to work with and I helped them with the WiFi extender for the monitoring system as their knowledge of it was lacking.

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