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SolarEdge Inverter (11.4KW) with power optimizers on each panel. 26 Silfab 310watt panels. System is roof mounted with array 1 facing East-South-East and array 2 facing South-South-West

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

I am also going to have geothermal installed in 2019 or 2020 before the federal tax incentives expire. This will price out the option as the cost recovery timeline will increase to well beyond the life of a geo furnace.

My Motivation:

Utilizing my existing capital generation to ensure my property can be net-zero energy costs in the future.


Choose your installer carefully. Enticements such as offering 5% lower costs that a competitor may sound tempting, but also consider the project experience you may have. COMMUNICATION IS KEY. Also consider that this project is a process. I began conversations in February and the installation occured at the end of May.

Experience with Installer:

I feel I chose wrong in the end. The quality of the design and installation was there, but my installer was terrible at communication. They would notify me 1 day in advance that they would be there and on the biggest day (panel installation), they only contact me when they were already on the way (I was out of town on vacation)

Additional Notes:

My home is surrounded by woods on all sides. There is enough clearing to generate energy throughout the core over the day. It is going to take some time to fully understand the sun patterns throughout the seasons. This will require tree trimming and tree felling in order to gain hours of solar generation at the beginning/end of the day.

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