Attractive solar PV installation on historic Southern home.

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Energy Needs Met

25% to 49%

of electricity

What You Need to Know


Mr Brown opted for a high-powered solar system with a unique backup power feature. The SMA inverter provides limited backup power through one outlet in the home during an outage. His system provides year-round savings and daytime backup power during outages.

Other Benefits:

Daytime backup power during outages.

Maintenance Requirements:

Panel cleanings and connection checks every two years are recommended, along with annual checks of the backup power outlet before storm season.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Mr Brown chose the optional portable battery pack to provide limited energy storage during grid outages. This unit works in conjunction with the backup outlet.

My Motivation:

Energy savings and partial backup power. This is a region prone to storms; backup power access is critical.


Wish I would have done this a year or two earlier instead of delaying.

Experience with Installer:

Quick and efficient. Lots of safety gear. The electrical system was a challenge since it's an old house, but they powered through.

Additional Notes:

It's been a challenge to keep the monitoring online at my house, but that's a network issue that I don't hold the installers responsible for.

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