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49 panels mounted on three parts of the roof in both east, south and west angle.

My Motivation:

As my home is in the "sunshine state" it would be ridiculous not to use the power of the sunshine flooding our house every day. This is much better than continuing to use the coal based power plants providing energy otherwise.


You need to be active in the project yourself. I was not as I expected the installer to address things that came up along the way, but they were not on the ball, which meant that the project became eight month late.

Experience with Installer:

The installer was very alert initially, but lost edge a bit in to the installation. The turnaround time for communicating with them has been long, sometimes several weeks. I myself has not been on the project every day either as I expected the installer to take care of almost everything. I ordered the installation in October and I was promised that it was going to be in production around the new year. The fact was that the installation was done first in the mid February. Then it was a hassle to get it through Duke Energy. Duke Energy did not show any interest of helping out in a speedy manner. They dragged out every contact and there was always something that came up. Sent in document disappear and handling time was loooooong. Month went by as they could continue to send their invoices to us. The longer it takes, the more they earn... As I portly live in Sweden I see the difference between Florida and Sweden. In Sweden we can choose any electric company to provide us with electricity, while there is a monopoly in Florida. Installing a solar panel system here in Sweden is easy as the power companies are actively helping you, or they lose their good reputation. In Florida, with monopoly, the energy company couldn't care less if my installation is moving slowly ahead. If they could stop it somehow, they would. And they have for years by impacting the legislators.

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