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Sherri Hollander

I am most excited about transitioning to clean energy in our forever home.

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75% to 99%

of electricity

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System Size: 9.8 kWp (DC) - 24 Panels Components: SunPower Equinox A-Series - 410 Watts Mounting System: Invisimount Monitoring System: EnergyLink Estimated Year 1 Production: 17,425 kWh

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Maintenance Requirements:

Unsure of the maintenance at this time.

My Motivation:

Divesting from fossil fuels.


Comparing solar companies is a task. Don't be pressured. There are always incentives and deals to be had between the companies.

Experience with Installer:

The uncertainty of the process is the part I dislike. There is not a "set date" that you can expect your solar project to be up and running. I look forward to experiencing the savings with Solar!

Additional Notes:

Most of our roof structures face east and west and is composed of a decorative metal. We will (hopefully) have most of the array mounted on our south facing workshop roof which is composite shingle and more suited for solar installation. The rest of the array will be mounted on a portion of our house roof that faces the south.

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