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System consists of 24 panels with micro inverters configured as a single array on a south facing second story roof.

Maintenance Requirements:

Just installed, however expect very little if any maintenance.

Efficiency or Sustainability Improvements:

Have updated A/C and lighting systems.

My Motivation:

I have been watching solar for nearly a decade with a desire to reduce my non-renewable energy footprint. However my decision to actually move forward was based on solar system price drops, Federal tax credits and utility rebates so that a complete system was within my budget.


Be patient, plan ahead... Without encountering any real issues planning, permitting and install of the system has taken nearly 6 months .

Experience with Installer:

I am extremely satisfied with the installation company I selected. They have been professional from the first phone call through completion of the installation. The system was provided as a package that covered everything including system design, permitting, interconnect paperwork and inspection.

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