EmergySage provided me with the missing information to find a reliable company and transition to Solar energy.


What You Need to Know


34 330w Panasonic PV panels with Enphase inverters and monitoring

Maintenance Requirements:

From what I understand, minimal. Just keep the panels free from debris and wash them down a few times a year.

My Motivation:

Both the rising prices from LADWP (and the feeling I was being overcharged by them), the looming lowering and eventually cancellation of the Federal tax credit, and the spate of recent fires and other climate change related incidents.


Do it. When I really thought about it, what I was actually doing was paying for 6 years of electricity upfront. And for doing that, I will get the next (guaranteed) 19 years for free.

Experience with Installer:

Solar Optimum is terrific. The installation was handled professionally and in an extremely timely fashion. They are pushing the project towards completion as much as I am. They are a bit tough to get hold of, especially now with the crunch of people wanting systems before the New Year, but somehow they seem to balance it and get back to fairly quickly. I’m currently waiting for the final inspection, so my system has not been activated yet. But from what I can tell, it looks like the system is going to work great. Everything they promised me, they delivered on. I am so pleased.

Open House Info:

Update - Nov 6th. We had the final inspection today. Everything passed and now we are just waiting on LADWP to give us permission to turn the system on. From what I understand, that is a 2-8 week process. What can you do? Can’t fight City Hall. But one thing I learned throughout this is that type really have to want to do this. No one, especially the utilities, makes it easy.

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